CONTEMPORARY – Inspired by jazz, ballet and modern dance, contemporary promotes the individual interpretation and the natural spontaneous movements based on a specific dance technique. A contemporary class usually begins by warm up followed by an elaborate dance. Courses focus on the alignment and knowledge of the body. Elements that are also worked in to contemporary dance are partnership and contact dance. 

HIP-HOP – Inspired by the street dance hip-hip includes a wide range of styles of dance such as breakdance, popping, locking and free style. Hip-Hop represents a variety of movements in connection with the rhythm and the timing of the music.

STREET JAZZ – Inspired by urban dance, street jazz is characterized by the fusion of folk music and the inspiration of movements that follows. The movements of this dance style are similar to those of hip-hop. These, in addition to some technical movements of jazz form what is called street jazz.

JAZZ – Jazz is an energetic dance. This dance style is recognised thanks to the originality of the choreography and the performance of dancers. Jazz movements are composed of unique movements, of kicks, «jetés», insulations and «pirouettes ». 

CREATIVE MOUVEMENT – The course of creative movements is ideal for children who have no experience in dance. This course is given in a non-intimidating environment. It offers children’s the opportunity to explore their bodies, to work their coordination and to stimulate their creativity. During the sessions, children’s use their bodies to express emotions, create shapes and elements of nature in order to communicate a message or paint a picture. This course prepares students for other styles of dance.

LYRICAL – Lyrical is a style of dance inspired by ballet, jazz and modern. A lyrical class usually starts by technique like « pliés », « tendus », « dégagés », kicks and pirouettes. The movements and choreography are often inspired by the lyrics and the melody of the song. The main objective of lyrical is to link all movements of the sequence so that they are fluid and graceful.