A word from the director

I am pleased to present Double Creation Dance Studio’s new website! Since its opening in 2004, our studio has been standing apart mostly by the great number of classes it offers to its students, by its jolly atmosphere, as well as by its mandate which stipulates that the studio must allow every student to develop an appreciation towards any form of art.

The studio’s staff, for his part, is very involved. Every dance teacher devotes a lot of time and energy to support his or her students through their progress. The teachers’ success plan includes three aspects: 

  • pursuing continuing professional development;

  • transmitting their passion for the arts; and

  • ensuring that each and every students feel at home at the studio.


France-Renée Miron


France-Renée started dancing at the age of 6 with tap dancing and gymnastics. At the age of 8 she met Mélissa-Anne Leduc who was a dance teacher at another studio. While getting to know each other, Mélissa-Anne informed her about dance. The next year, France-Renée register at the studio and followed Mélissa-Anne when she opened her own studio named Double Creation. France-Renée has been with the studio since its existence in 2004. 

Throughout the years, France-Renée grew as a dancer. She stood out with her talents in hip-hop and with her passion for dance. In 2006, she received the « Most Improved Dancer » award. Her efforts and talents got her in the elite Hip Hop group in 2007, which is now known as Urban Creation . Since 2011, she has been the main Hip Hop teacher and choreographer here at Double Creation.

In 2015 she received the Senior Dancer of the Year Award at Double Creation. This award was giving to her because of her talent and determination as a dancer. She is a role model not only for the other Hip Hop dancers that look up to her but for all of the dancers here at the studio.

Today, France-Renée continues to take dance workshops to improve her knowledge and to grow as a dancer. The Double Creation Dance Studio has become her second family. 

Mélissa-Anne Leduc 

Mélissa-Anne Leduc.jpg

Mélissa-Anne is a certified dance teacher from The School of Dance in Ottawa. She graduated with her masters at the University of Ottawa. In the past, she studied in Rochester (New York) and in Calgary (Alberta) in order to become a dance therapist. 

Mélissa-Anne won 3 years in a row the prize of best choreographer at the Shine Dance Competition. Her choreographies are touching and creative. They express powerful messages through movement. Mélissa-Anne uses dance as a way to critique and to show certain aspects of today’s society. 


Heidi Poulin

Heidi has danced with the Double Creation dance studio since its very beginning in 2004. She has been involved as a dancer as well as a teacher in many different styles of dance such as hip-hop, contemporary, musical comedy and jazz. Heidi took a break from dancing after her pregnancies but has always kept dancing close to her heart as she became a Zumba instructor. She has come back to the studio in 2014 as a hip-hop dancer. She now has the privilege of sharing this love of dance with her two young daughters who are also Double Creation dancers.


Janelle Godard


Janelle started dancing at the age of 6, but music has moved her since she can remember.

She started her first dance class in ballet jazz and the following year she did competitive Hip Hop. It was difficult for her because she was very young and her dance partners where much older than she was. She grew very quickly in that environment.

At the age of 11, Janelle was chosen from a professional Hip Hop dancer to go to Paris, France to learn dance from famous choreographers and dancers. She learned enormously from them.

She was given the opportunity to be a teacher’s aide at this studio and when she turned 13, she became a Hip Hop teacher. Dancing is her passion, sharing what she learned is to her the most rewarding thing.

Néhémy Regine Bélabe


Since she was young, Nehemy has always been passionnate about dancing. However, it wasn't until she was 12-13 that she began taking dance classes at College Sainte-Anne in Lachine, Montreal in the after school program. She started with Jazz classes then went on to Classical Ballet. Back then her teachers & peers called her " Peter Pan" beacause of the height and extent of her jumps. In her last year of high school, Nehemy and her passionate classemates fought to introduce dance to the High School curiculum. After a successful negotiation with the school, the implemented dance program flourished into collaboration with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens.

In 2002, She singed up for Ballet classes at Le Foyer de la Dance, directed by Mrs Sonia Ortchanian who is the first renouned Armenian dancer. It didn't take long for her teacher to notice the potential of her newest dancer. After only six months, Nehemy was awared her first solo performance on point at the Ahuntsic Cartier-Ville Annual Spring frestivity Dance Show. She successfully perforemed her solo, duet and group dance; all very much praised by the audience. Throughout the years Nehemy performed mutiple dance shows. The public mostly appreciated her solo preformances, particularily her own interpretation of  All that Jazz from the popular Chicago piece and her lyrical routine Danse Mon Esmeralda from the musical The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. These two choreographies were extremely well received by audiences and made the object of many requests and standing ovations everytime she performed them. Besides being the only soloist at Le Foyer De La Dance, Nehemy also became a dance teacher after a two year trainning program with Mrs Ortchanian. She learned to share her passion with the younger dancers of the school. First, in 2005, she was the pre-Ballet teacher for the 4-5 year olds, then for the begginers ( 7 year olds) and so on until she taught the point begginers class (aged 12-15).

After moving to Ottawa for her teaching lisence, Nehemy signed up at the Double Creations dance studio in 2016-2017. She has now taken on a new style of dance as she fallows Melissa Leduc's contemporary dance class for adults. However, she hasn't forgotten her true passion and is happy to be the Ballet technic class teacher helping the dancers achieve their goals.

Stéphanie Laframboise

Stephanie started dancing at the age of 3 and could never get enough of it. As she grew up, her love for dance kept growing with her. At the age of 7, Stephanie proceeded to taking vocal lessons and at the age of 12, she started cheerleading. That same year, she became a teacher's assistant for the studio and shortly after, became one of our teachers at the age of 16.

In 2012, she was chosen from thousands of dancers across Canada to go dance and train with professionals in Paris and chosen again in 2014 to go train in Barcelona. Over the years she has won multiple awards -- including one of the studio's "most improved dancer" award and special awards, but to this day, her special award for "Conga" of "Can I Get Some Fries With That Shake" is still the award that she favours the most.

Stephanie is one of our teachers for contemporary dance and recreational dancers. As of summer 2015, she is the proud owner of the studio alongside her parents and following classes to better herself as a dancer and as a business owner.

Suzie Laframboise

Suzie Laframboise has been a part of the Double Creation dance studio for the past 11 years. Since summer 2015, she is the new owner and dance director of the studio in partnership with her husband Daniel and daughter Stephanie Laframboise. Suzie danced for 5 years at the studio in the past embellishing her knowledge of Jazz and hip hop. Moving on as owner and director, she is working with the studio's teaching staff to develop the students' confidence, self-esteem, dance education, and gain poise to showcase the students' abilities.